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Dynamic Field of Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a discipline of engineering that deals with the study of electricity and electromagnetism. The application and study of electronics are also considered. It is defined as a thrilling, exciting and lively field.

The responsibility of generation, transfer, and conversion of electrical power is under the Electrical Engineers. On the other hand, Electronic Engineers are related to the designs and arrangement of electronic circuits and computer systems, the use of radio waves and the maintenance of control systems.

In the late nineteenth century, the commercialization of electric telegraph and power supply becomes popular and common all over. This helps the field to become the most valuable stream for starting the career. The engineers have the opportunity of getting a well reputed and satisfying career.

Various sub-disciplines are introduced under this. Power, control systems, electronics, instrumentation, microelectronics, telecommunications, and signal processing are the sub-disciplines. All are having their respective values in the career field.

In this field of engineering, active and energetic electrical apparatuses and semiconductors are utilized in order to create and design electronic circuits, equipment, and systems. The electrical components that are used are electron tubes, diodes, integrated circuits and many more.

Now to enter this career field, one has to clear his degree session. Mathematics, physics, project management, and specific topics are included in this stream. The time duration for graduation is nearly four to five years.

Students have to select one sub-discipline in which they are going to their specialization by the end of the degree. This is the very first move towards the certification. The work experience is also included in this degree and a student will gain it at the end.

After this, the candidate is designated as the Professional Engineer. Further, it’s the wish of the engineer to continue the studies and enter in post-graduation class. The degrees that come under post-graduation are known as Master of Engineering or Engineer’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy.

All the streams include different subjects. Research or coursework or both are included in the Master’s and Engineer’s Degree. Doctor of Philosophy is related to the research of a particular component.
Electrical engineering is also having some other options in the subjects. Machines, distribution and power generation are introduced and students can do specialization in these. The list of the subjects varies according to the Universities and Institutes.

One can lead a great life after completing his education and getting the opportunity in reputed companies. The selection of the subjects and colleges matter a lot. The education taken from reputed colleges where teachers are hard-working and facilities like a number of laboratories for different sections, libraries, books and many more are available is worth appreciable.