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Direct Mail That Directs Action: Get Your Marketing Mailer Opened

As I sifted through the pile of mail, my assistant laid out for me the other day, one by one the pieces of junk mail got thrown into the trash. However, one piece really got my attention and not only did it not end up in the bin, but it also performed the exact function it arrived to do. What made this piece so interesting to me was that, while it was only a postcard-sized piece, it was made to look like an interoffice mail envelope with a list of handwritten names recounting where the envelop had been. The names were humorous, like Bullhorn Bill and Debbie the Drama Queen, and there was also a graphic that looked like a Post-it with the message R.U. I scribbled on it. The inside also had a funny cartoon on it, after spending a minute or two looking at this piece; it dawned on me that this had come from a gentleman I had met while out networking. This man owns a marketing communications firm. The mailer was so creative and so different from any others that I d seen lately that I not only opened it I showed it to everyone in the office. Then I used the company s services three weeks later when a restaurant client wanted to send out a grand opening mailer to surrounding residents. Direct mail is a lead generation tool that can be very effective in filling your sales funnel. How can you get your marketing this kind of visibility and make it this effective Here are 5 tips for doing just that:

1. Be Different, but Be Familiar. What drew me to this marketing piece was its creative play on something familiar. Everyone who has ever worked in a big corporation has seen and used an interoffice envelope. So, even though I did not initially register who it was from, the familiar nature of the piece made a connection with me, which made me curious enough to take the next step and open it. Once inside, the uniqueness caught my attention and the offbeat humor in the message got me thinking about using this company s services for my own clients.

2. Test Market Your Marketing. If you want to get an honest reaction to your marketing piece, you need to test it on associates and people who are not blindly loyal to you or on your payroll. Meeting new people and asking them for honest opinions is a great way to gather the constructive criticism you need to make your piece really stand out. Creativity is enhanced when you get multiple minds working together on a team effort. Getting second opinions should ultimately earn you a good cross-section of feedback. There are plenty of people out there who aren’t afraid to give an opinion or criticism if you ask them for it. Next time you re networking and meet someone who you determine shares traits of your target market or who seems to have good opinions, ask them if you can test your marketing ideas on them. They are likely to be flattered and give you a resounding yes.

3. Know Your Market. The interoffice marketing piece was especially attractive to me because I have consulted for many large corporations in addition to smaller organizations, so I am very familiar with the use of interoffice mail envelopes. So, this company was expressing their knowledge of me, thus the message resonated with me. If I were a mechanic who worked in a single location auto body shop, the piece probably would t have had the same impact on me. Know your market and customize your campaign to target that market in a way that will speak to who they are and what they do.

4. Make Your Message Loud and Clear. The interoffice mailer that I received was addressed to the CEO, so it came directly to me. Make sure you include enough information in the address line that gets it to the right person. The message was also clear this company uses graphic design and creative marketing communications to advertise their clients’ products and/or services. The creativity of the mailer didn t hinder or hide what they were selling. When designing a creative newsletter, ezine, marketing mailer or brochure, be sure not to conceal the real message make it loud and clear.

5. Make a Compelling Offer. When I opened the interoffice mailer, I found a rate sheet for various services and a web address and phone numbers for customized packages and other services. It also closed by making a compelling offer. At the bottom, it said call in the next 30 days and they d print 5% more than you order at no extra cost. They told me what to do to act, and all of the appropriate contact information was right there. The piece made it easy to see their value and easy for me to move forward. There is nothing worse than being interested in a company s products or services and not being able to determine the price of what you want or the next steps in how to acquire it.

With all the junk mail and spam that comes to both your email account and your mailbox, its important to find ways to get your marketing messages seen and acted upon. Whether you re sending out print materials or an ezine, you too can increase the visibility of what you send. For more information on how you can revitalize your marketing campaign, visit .