Get to know the different colors of travertine marble for home decoration

Marble for home decoration

Marble is an attractive building material that gives your home a touch of elegance and sophistication. Stone updated the overall look of your home space with its exotic colors and textures. When talking marble, there is a stone usually found, but unaware of their deeds. Travertine marble is a peculiar stone used by many homeowners worldwide. But do they know what it is? Let’s find out.

Difference between marble and travertine

The people usually think travertine is just a fancy word marble. But that is not the case, the two stones are very different and are created in unique environments. Marble is formed when limestone is under high pressure and temperature. Whereas, travertine is formed under additional pressures and high temperatures, however in the hot springs and limestone caves.

Apparently, travertine has many small holes and channels on its surface that separates the limestone regularly. Travertine, such as marble, is obtained in a variety of colors, but because of the additional forces, which have unique patterns and textures.

Travertine is often sold as marble. The reason one of the keys of these two stones together is falling under the limestone family.

Where it is accepted travertine?

The stone is easily available in the market and is very popular in both interior and exterior applications. Indoor travertine marble tiles, kitchen backsplashes, accent wall, fireplace surround sound applications illuminate your space display. In the same way, for the exterior, it is used for floors, pavements garden, the outdoor kitchens, planter walls, and more.

different colors of travertine marble for home decoration

Explore the different colors of travertine marble

silver Tronix
Stone is an ideal choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Silver Tronix offers cool, soft tones that give a modern touch to your exterior. The variation in their patterns of different veining makes it more attractive and exciting. For the interior, installing a stone backsplash in the kitchen, accent wall, a fireplace surround brightens the overall appearance. Silver natural textures create a unified and seamless design, which transforms any commercial or residential building.


Gold Travertine is a unique material with a different structure and warm look. The stone comes in cream and yellow tones with light colors. It is primarily used for outdoor paving that creates harmony with nature. It is installed in gardens and parks as it is complemented well with the green around it. Because of its granular structure, the stone gives an authentic and natural vision for homes and gardens.


The stone has straight parallel red and white veins that are sometimes lighter or darker compared to the background. Red travertine is also known as Soraya, meaning bright and light is extracted extensively in Iran. Cutting vein is a source of inspiration for funds with interesting natural elements. It has various applications such as exterior and interior walls and floors, tiles, countertops, and floors.


Stone color varies from light creamy white to ivory with straight white veins flowing on its surface. Horizontal stripes patterns make it a beautiful and unique stone Earth. Stone is the lighter shade among others extracted in Nimvar, Markazi, Iran Province. It is used especially for entrances, stairs, swimming pools, fountains, and other outdoor applications.

Titanium Nero

titanium travertine stone is a luxury with a gray-brown background quirky. The mineral content works their magic wonderfully during formation. Ranges intrusion between light and dark tones with copper crystals dispersed randomly over the surface. It has a unique dark tone used for bathrooms, bathtubs and sinks, kitchen countertops, floor, and wall tiles, and more.