Elon Musk company will fit Wireless computer in human brain

New York, Reuters. Billionaire businessman Elon Musk’s neuroscience startup Neuralink has been trying to read the human mind for the past several years. On Friday, the company showed the media such a pig, which had a coin-shaped computer chip in its mind for two months. This is an initial step towards the treatment of disease occurring in humans. Through this, Musk is conducting a trial for the treatment of some brain diseases caused by humans.

Motive to install a wireless computer in mind

Tesla Industry and SpaceX CEO Musk founded Neuralink in San Francisco in 2016. The company aims to set up a wireless computer in the brain of humans that will help humans fight and cure diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and spinal cord injuries.

There will be human trials from the end of this year

Referring to illnesses such as depression, memory loss, and insomnia in a webcast held on Friday, Elon Musk said, “These problems can be solved through a device implanted in the brain.” Musk has not given any period of treatment for these diseases. However, he had earlier said that human trials would begin later this year.

Chip will be used on patients suffering from paralysis

The company’s chief surgeon, Dr. Matthew McDougall, said that the first clinical trial of Neurolink would be done on patients who suffer from paralysis. Neuroscientists who do not belong to the company have said that even though the company has made a lot of progress in this matter, there is a need to work on this subject for a long time.

First seen pig’s brain condition live

During the webcast, Musk introduced a pig that had a brain sticking out under the ‘Three Little Pigs’ demo. This chip used to control his mouth. The pig was given food during the experiment and during this time his brain condition was first seen live. Musk said that the chip that was installed in the pig has a diameter of 23 millimeters (0.9 in). It can be fitted into the skull via short wires.

We want to add people together

He said that we are not trying to raise money. We are inspiring intelligent people to work with us. Neuralink has received $ 158 million in funding (over Rs. 11.5 billion). Of this, Musk gave 100 million dollars and the remaining 100 staff members gave the money. Musk, who periodically warned about artificial intelligence, said the most important achievement of the transplant was not limited to just medical work. Through this, we can expand artificial intelligence for ourselves.