Travel Sea Temple Palm Cove – Beachfront & Exotic

Travel Sea Temple

Sea Temple Palm Cove is one of our guests’ absolute favorites. People flock to this famous Resort not only because it is in Palm Cove and who doesn’t love Palm Cove, but because they want to stay at Sea Temple just as the well-connected do.

It is a bit of a “thing” to say you have stayed at Sea Temple in Palm Cove. To be fair though, the Resort is amazing, and here is why.


It is beachfront without any streets between it and the ocean. In Palm Cove, it is one of only 2 Resorts to rightfully stake this claim. All others have a street between them and the beach. With just a few steps stroll along the boardwalk, at Sea Temple Palm Cove, you will be on the beach. Beachfront means beachfront!!

Imagine lazing on a tropical beach, palm trees swaying in the breeze, water lapping at the ocean edge just meters away.


the Resort features 3 lovely pools. Catering for families, there is a secure children’s pool with Mum and Dad well taken care of. There are plenty of sun lounges in this area so settle back and relax, secure in the knowledge your children cannot wander off.

Apart from the magnificent Grand Lagoon Pool, there is the more intimate lap pool which is soon to be heated for the cooler months of the year. It is hard to say the winter months as it never gets truly cold in the tropics however as the pools are known to cool down, a warmed pool is very welcome.

Travel Sea Temple Palm Cove

These three pools wrap themselves around the Pool Bar, the hub of the Resort, and the reason to never stroll off to the Palm Cove village. Here you are free to rouse yourself from the delights of the pools or the relaxation of the sun lounges and have your morning cappuccino, a refreshing juice, or your favorite cocktail. Not to mention keeping up the energy with yummy snacks and even share plates.


The third best thing about Sea Temple Palm Cove is the availability of an excellent selection of Apartment types. Without a doubt, the Swim Ups are the all-time favorites, especially for families with very small children as they can pop the littlies down for a nap or to bed at night and Mum and Dad can still enjoy the delights of the Grand Lagoon Pool always in easy range of their family.

Sound like a winner? According to our guests, it is.

You might prefer a little more privacy and choose the Penthouse with a private rooftop terrace, jacuzzi, outdoor living, and sun lounge area. Away from the crowds and curious eyes, you will be close to the treetops and everything nature has to offer, you may even have ocean glimpses.

In between these 2 decadent options, you have ground floor courtyard Apartments, upper floor pool, or garden view Apartments. One, two, and three-bedroom Apartments or for a short stay, a Studio Spa Suite. Something for everyone.