Freelance Writing Niches to Supplement Your Income

Freelance Writing Niches to Supplement Your Income

With the onset of the coronavirus reaching pandemic proportions at some point of the number one sector of 2020, masses of freelance writers all over the world decided themselves in a quandary.

Aside from the truth that dozens of print magazines have reduced frequency or actually went out of publication, excursion writing and defensive activities were as quickly as likely useful niches that have been drastically laid low with the pandemic.
But be anxious now no longer, because of the reality with a hint little bit of creativity and a willingness to regulate and adapt, freelance writers can tap distinct avenues to which they might redirect their abilities and skills.

Here are a few specialties that freelance writers can consider:

Freelance Writing Niches

Resume Writing and Editing

With the big kind of COVID-19 times posing a massive risk to the global economy, masses of solid and stable employees have out of place their jobs. They might in all likelihood inn to far off artwork, receive part-time or underemployment (at the least for the suggested time), or determine to reveal freelance.

As a result, the decision for geared up resume writers has never been higher. You need to show off your potential to write down or edit resumes via having a few samples. If you’re an absolute newbie, proper right here are cost-effective techniques to assemble a portfolio:

Get in touch with university college students at college or university who also can moreover need a resume to get into an internship or volunteer program.

Fresh graduates make pleasant clients; they’re often eager to land entry-level positions immediately.

Skills-based absolutely resumes are important to graduates of vocational, trade, or technical courses.

Obtain antique copies of friends’ resumes, and repurpose a chronological resume proper right into a skills-based absolutely one, and vice versa.

Talk with IT professionals, for the motive that they’re constantly updating their credentials.

Introduce yourself to people who might be withinside the method of a career shift/change.

Take in “high-risk” method applicants — “specific times” similar to the failed entrepreneur or stay-at-home determine looking for to re-enter the workplace, in a distinct manner abled individuals, or human beings with huge gaps in their artwork history.


If you have were given a keen eye for details — misspellings, awkward sentence structures, out-of-area punctuation marks, etc., deliver proofreading a try. There is a first-rate kind of documents that needs clarity to gain desired results, now no longer virtually a first-rate command of English: ee-book reports, theses, dissertations, college admissions essays, corporation plans, grants, etc. Proofreaders normally fee on a pre-internet web page basis, and a standard internet web page is produced from 220 words.

Writing About Trendy Niches

While advantageous niches have declined this 2020 due to pandemic-related restrictions, there may be a whole new kind of topics that could feature a goldmine for article ideas.

Consider the following:

  • Plants and plant care
  • Coping with art work-from-home arrangements
  • Helping youngsters with online classes
  • Simple crafts tasks to hold youngsters preoccupied at home
  • Health and fitness concerns
  • Popular interests at some point of the quarantine
  • Online selling
  • Writing Online Dating Profiles

This might in all likelihood come as a piece of a surprise, but there are masses of singles available who are extreme about finding a suitable shape for marriage, or at the least, a long-term relationship.

I actually have moreover located a growing trend — divorcees and single parents, or those who have sobered up from addiction, are subsequently getting to that wholesome vicinity wherein they might date again. There is also the vicinity of hobby web web web sites for massive, adorable ladies (BBW) and people with disability.

You do now no longer need to lie or beautify present-day attributes virtually to make your clients seem extra appealing. If they’ve now no longer began to gain a college degree, in quick factor out the internet or adult training classes they’re taking.
Big, adorable ladies who are into yoga or biking can be amusing and exciting to outdoorsy men. Even introverted singles can be furnished as “someone who enjoys moon-lit strolls at the beach, adult board video games at some point of weekends dates at forte bookstores or souvenir shops, or conversations over coffee.”