Corporate Cooking Classes Fun And Unique Team Building For All Your Staff

Corporate Cooking Classes

Team Building

Team building activities are a great way to bring your employees together and have some fun. However, it can be hard to find a new and exciting exercise to keep your staff motivated. Corporate cooking classes are brilliant hands-on team-building exercises for both master chefs hopefuls and reluctant cooks. Take a few hours out of the office and test your colleague’s leadership, team-work and, of course, cooking skills with a Chef’s cooking challenge as you share a fun cooking experience learning how to create a sensational meal. Even if there is a competitive atmosphere in the kitchen everyone will sit down together and relax and bond over their meal afterward.

Corporate Hospitality

Want to build key business relationships and impress your clients? Invite your team and clients to an exciting event where they will partake in engaging cookery activities, learning how to make new meals in a professional environment. As part of your corporate cooking event, you will then be given the opportunity to relax and entertain your clients in a privatized dining space, enjoying the meals you have cooked with some well-earned glasses of wine. You can also add a personal and unique touch to your event by branding aprons with your company name and logo or purchase a range of gift boxes from the cooking schools shop, giving your clients a souvenir to remember your unique event.

PR & Press Events

Launching a new product or service? Many cookery schools offer room hire services where you can use their cutting edge space to host your promotional event. Use their kitchen and dining area for a stylish space to entertain and impress potential clients. If you are looking for more than room hire, the cooking school’s team of expert chefs can create bespoke menus in which your clients and press contacts will cook with the chefs for an unforgettable event. Let the champagne flow and use a London cookery school for your marketing event.

Corporate Gifts

For a unique exciting gift to treat your staff or value your clients, why not purchase a range of gourmet gift cards? A hands-on cooking class where you can learn how to make new recipes is an ideal gift for all occasions. Your clients or staff will feel like they’re on Masterchef working alongside professional chefs, learning to make delicious meals that can be made again at home. Many cookery schools also allow gift cards to be used in their kitchen shop, where you can purchase a range of high-quality cooking utensils that are used in the classes. Select a cooking school in the heart of London for all your team building and corporate events.

Corporate Cooking Classes